Here at Les Scadding Hope foundation, we are committed to transforming the lives of less fortunate and orphaned children. We are leading the way in providing specialist and complete orphan care and recognise our responsibility towards vulnerable children, widows, and their communities. We are constantly working on helping to alleviate poverty and build brighter futures.

We are based in the UK but we operate extensively on a global scale. We reach out to orphans in impoverished places across the world, including Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Working on the principle of sustainability, we save the aged, orphans, widows and their children and we do so without compromising their future independence. In fact, a large amount of our work focuses on creating practical livelihood programmes in farming, sewing and livestock so the families of orphans can maintain a regular income and rebuild a healthy and stable life. Our work makes sure that orphan lives are not only saved, but revitalised, to keep them contented and free from poverty for the rest of their lives.

Your donation is fundamental to our work, and we want to demonstrate just how much we appreciate your help by making sure your donation goes towards credible, remarkable care solutions.

One Global Mission

Here at Les Scadding Hope foundation we believe in the ‘action now’ philosophy. We’re always prepared to “get stuck in” and offer support and assistance where it is needed most, all over the world. Natural disasters leave thousands of children orphaned every year and Les Scadding Hope foundation is dedicated to helping orphans in these areas as much as we can.

It is not only disaster-stricken areas that we focus on, but anywhere where children need our help. Children have the right to clean water, shelter, clothing and proper sanitation — we aim to ensure that children receive these most basic of requirements. Get involved today and help to make a real difference!

FOUNDER & CEO OF Les Scadding Hope foundation