Les Scadding Hope foundation aims to help the less fortunate and raise the standard by creating a model where a set of standards are implemented throughout our projects.

We often come across children that are in need of a whole lot of love and attention. We help with repairs and rebuilding to sufficiently accommodate the less fortunate and orphans so they receive the best care possible. We will also ensure that there is adequate shelter, good sanitation, clean drinking water and access to education – including a play and learning zone where children can learn through recreation.

We will forge relations with local partners to provide effective healthcare and train the staff to provide all the care and support the aged and children need, both physically and emotionally.

Les Scadding Hope foundation will also implement adequate sanitation which may include new/repaired toilets, bathing areas/showers and waste disposal systems. To combat disease, we train all the staff and provide enhanced guttering systems to ensure stagnant water cannot gather – a huge contributor to the spreading of bacteria. Regular health checks will be carried out by authorised doctors and trained medics to ensure that orphans will receive a good level of healthcare.

We hope that consistency of care will improve the health of less fortunate around the World.

Education and empowerment

Education is key to a happy and successful adulthood. By providing a high-quality education we can ensure that all our orphans have the best possible start in life. We will have facilities for schooling where children can learn in a safe environment and reach their full potential.

We want to provide more than the bare minimum. We will establish a play and learning zone in each orphanage so varied learning styles are catered for. Skills learnt during childhood will allow these children a better chance to escape poverty and become self-sufficient.

These teaching programmes will continue into adulthood and will include vocational training schemes and apprenticeships.

The staff are the most valuable asset in the orphanage. We will ensure they have the all the relevant training, tools and equipment they need to nurture the orphans, encourage learning and provide vocational training for their future.


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